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Access the safety data sheets of your chemicals directly with your mobile or tablet. Chemical risk prevention made easy!


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Quick & contact-free access to critical information

To guarantee safety at work and prevent chemical risks, it is crucial to have a fast and reliable access to critical information about the chemical handled (hazard level, accident procedure, incompatibility with other products...).

With Ineon Safety Proaccess in only 2 clicks all your Safety Data Sheets : open the application, scan the CAS number or barcode of your product and access instantly the information regarding the handled chemical.

fiches de données de sécurité scannées à partir d'un téléphone

Digital solutions designed for researchers and EHS professionnals

Complementary tools

Thanks to our software suite Ineon Suite, easily manage the inventory of your chemical compounds, their location within your laboratory and even the status of current orders.

Discover Ineon Suite

Fast set-up and instant access

No need to set up our application for hours!

Access in 2 clicks to more than 500.000 safety data sheets from many manufacturers such as AGILENT, ACROS, SIGMA, MERCK and many more.

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