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An ergonomic SaaS solution designed for the user

INEON Biotech has developed a resolutely user-oriented SaaS solution. Efforts were focused on the central topics: the management of compounds, stocks and their location.

The application, in cloud mode, offers complete management of the chemical library. Connected and synchronized directly with robots for screening, INEON ensures the traceability of operations without risk of human error while remaining simple, unlike competitors.

A multidisciplinary team at core of the project

INEON is the result of collaboration between researchers, computer scientists specializing in Knowledge, Big Data and digital transformation, and makes the multidisciplinary nature of the team an undeniable asset. This diversity creates added value by providing a solution to concrete problems encountered by scientists.

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Our products

Ineon DNA

Because your team does not have to build the same plasmid twice or buy the same oligonucleotide twice, pool your efforts and stock with Ineon DNA.

Ineon Free

Do you need to select your reagents on the basis of physico-chemical, structural or logistical criteria? Need help to easily manage your products, stocks, and future orders? INEON Free guarantees you a clear vision of your products and adapts to your company structure, whatever its size.

Ineon Safety Pro

Any doubt about a reagent? Need critical information after an incident? INEON Safety Pro is the solution for managing yours Safety Data Sheet and all safety related documents in your laboratory.


Ineon Scanlab

Need to immediately obtain reliable information about your products and reagents? SCANLAB is the mobile version of Ineon Free, find and view information about your product by scanning the label and if you are looking for the product, locate it with its C.A.S. code.


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