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Ergonomic solutions designed for the user

Ineon Biotech has developed resolutely user-oriented digital solutions for researchers and EHS professionals. Our efforts were focused on central issues: the management of compounds, stocks and their location, and accessibility of safety data sheets.

Our software suite Ineon Suite developed by Ineon Biotech supports researchers on a daily basis to help them save time and improve efficiency in the management of their chemical compounds. The guarantee to carry out their experiments and projects with complete peace of mind.

The particularity ofIneon Biotech 's solutions are it's innovative features allowing intuitive and reliable management - contact-free !

A multidisciplinary team at core of the project

Result of the collaboration between researchers, IT Experts in Knowledge, Big Data and digital transformation, Ineon Biotech makes the multidisciplinary nature of the team an undeniable asset. This diversity creates added value by providing a solution to concrete problems encountered by scientists.

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Our digital solutions for laboratories and EHS professionals

Ineon Suite powered by Ineon BiotechIneon Suite – Compound Management

Need to select your reagents on the basis of physico-chemical, structural or logistic criteria? Ineon Suite guarantees you a clear vision of your products and adapts to your company structure, whatever its size.

Ineon Suite powered by Ineon BiotechIneon Suite - Lab Inventory Management

Need help to easily manage your inventory and future orders? With Ineon Suite scan the RFID tag added on the product label of your products, indicate the removed quantity and update your inventory in real time - and completely contact free!

Ineon Safety Pro – SDS Management

Need critical information following an incident? With Ineon Safety Pro access in 2 clicks via your smartphone or tablet to all your Safety Data Sheets. Designed for laboratories and any company handling chemicals to prevent chemical risks in the workplace. Also available as white label, Ineon Safety Pro integrates seamlessly into your existing environment and completes the software suite Ineon Suite.


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